Monday, November 29, 2010

Real life achievements list

I posted this as a note on my facebook some time ago and it was popular so I thought I'd put it out there for everyone else on the internet to take a look at. 

I find that sometimes life can be really boring, which is why I usually escape into video games. But even these can lose flavour after finishing the game many times (the exception to this being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I can play that over and over again). Which is why the people at Microsoft searched the world and stole or bought the idea for achievements and in turn Sony stole from Microsoft and thus trophies are born.

Achievements are challenges that bring some life back into a game that either was losing its appeal or had none to begin with. They serve no other purpose than to provide bragging rights to those who for the most part don't care. Even Microsoft had a hard time selling achievements to the gaming public in a video that can be freely viewed on Xbox live. However should you find yourself in a real spot of boredom chasing achievements of 'Achievement hunting' can be a good time killer.

This brings me back to my first point, life can get boring. So why not have achievements (or trophies I'm not Sony-ist, but I'm going to call them achievements because I can) for life! Each one has a gamerscore that gives at a glance how difficult each achievement is. If you want to show them off you can post your scores on your facebook page or on your Bio on xbox live and wherever the hell Sony lets you do that you can post it there too. Coming soon will be a facebook page where you can post your achievements, organize meetings for the multiplayer achievements and to discuss ways and means of getting achievements. Below are the list of achievements for your daily life that you can do when life gets boring.

30G    Reach out and touch someone
  • Hold or participate in a Halo Reach LAN party (minimum of four xbox's)
50G    I think I saw a 2!
  • Write an essay in binary (minimum of 300 words)
10G    Look ma, no eyes
  • Spell a difficult surname correctly without looking at it (surname must have a minimum of 11 letters)
10G    I wish to engage in sexual relations with your spouse
  • Translate the title of this achievement into another language and say it
50G    Did he just run in there?
  • Announce your presence in a room by shouting "Leeroy Jenkins" for a day
5G    Don't eat the dinosaur Daddy!
  • Consume a Milo Godzilla
20G    Never gonna give you up
  • Publicly Rick Roll a stranger
100G    Rollin' Rickey
  • Rick Roll Rick Astley
20G    All your flags are belong to us
  • Dress up as a character from either Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or the Halo series and play capture the flag outside with at least 3 other players present
50G    I just did the world a favour
  • Publicly burn a Twilight book (any)
5G    At least I got some chicken
  • Walk out of a KFC shop without purchasing anything
10G    Geek pride
  • Wear a game related T-shirt outdoors
5G    Follow the yellow brick road
  • Hold hands with another player and sing "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonder Wizard of Oz!" while skipping
30G    Cake Call
  • Get a persons number by saying a video game related pickup line
40G    Look ma, too much free time!
  • Spell a difficult surname correctly backwards without looking at it (surname must have a minimum of 11 letters)
10G    I'm singing in the rain
  • Go outside and sing when it is raining with at least two other players present

Well thats the list so far. This list will be updated with more achievements as I and my comrades come up with them. But these 16 should tide you over for a while.

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