Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunglasses the new guitar?

Last Friday I went to my mates 18th birthday party, It was awesome. Although it was a masquerade party I decided not to travel through my hometown of Springvale wearing it. For the sheer fact that I knew someone was going to mistake me for a gay robber and stab me. So I did what everyone else does on a sunny evening and wore sunglasses.

Of course when I arrived at the party off came the sunglasses and on went the mask but I kept getting people walking up to me and commenting on my sunglasses. Remember these are just a cheap pair that another mate of mine gave to me. People would ask to try them on and no matter who wore them they would look good in them and it wasn't just me who thought so. I'll give you an example.

At this same party one of my mates masks broke (it was some stupid slipknot mask, cool as it may be is completely impractical if you want to talk or eat) So he asked if he could wear my sunglasses. I had no problem with it and said yeah and handed them over. Later on that night this photo was taken.

The guy in the middle wearing the glasses is my mate and the dude in a suit with a silver tie in the right corner is me. A short time after this photo was taken he comes up to me and asks me how much I love him. I was trying to contemplate where this line of inquiry was going when another of my mates walks up and says that the glasses were lost. Now I know where the questions were leading. So we went on a search for the lost sunglasses. it was about thirty seconds into the search that I found them. They where sitting on the head of a girl about three meters away from me. Should have seen that one. They were all raving about how much they liked the glasses.

Which is how I come to my question are sunglasses the new guitar. It seems that wearing sunglasses has superseded pretending to be a rockstar and wearing a guitar. That's not a bad thing. It means you don't need to go out and spend a thousand bucks to look sexy. Its a more economic way of achieving sexy status.

No more posts are going up till after the weekend because me and my sunglasses have a few parties to attend so tune in on Monday for more of my insanity.

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