Wednesday, June 1, 2011

E3 2011 Predictions

With E3 just around the corner. It seems that many of the big developers are jumping the gun and telling the world of their shiny new games before E3. With Activision announcing Modern warfare 3 and Nintendo letting slip about their next console. Whatever happened to the old days when developers would say 'we will tell all at E3.' Well enough about that. Theres still lots of news to be revealed at E3 and I'm going to make some predictions on what we may find out this year.

As we all know Activision announced that Modern warfare 3 will be released this year. This will be something Activision will have to talk about and maybe even give us some more gameplay footage and less of the fancy pants art house green outline stuff. Its a safe bet that they will give us an insight without revealing too much into the whole World war 3 theme they've got going.

The boys and girls at Sony will have to speak about PSN going down and try and offer some kind of explanation as to why it went down. However they may try and sweep it under the carpet by announcing that they've started work on the Playststion 4 and show us some pretty pictures as a way to convince people to come back into the Playstation fold.

Nintendo will show off their plans for the Wii 2 or whatever they choose to call it. Along with announcing some new titles for the Wii. Probably show some more trailers for Skyward sword and maybe a new Mario game to go with it. The Nintendo 3DS has seen a lot of talk about games made to take advantage of its 3D capabilities but very little action. The Nintendo booth will probably have Orcarina of time available to play on the 3DS as a way to show that they haven't forgotten that they still dominate the handheld console market.

Microsoft have been pretty quiet these last few months so they will have something big to show at E3 this year. Be it a new Xbox console or that they are going to make another Halo game I'm not sure but you can bet it's something big.

This last one I'm not to sure about but I think its worth saying. Apple may make an appearance this year just to show off the App store and Apple gamecenter. I doubt it but you never know. Apple have been expanding in recent years and I reckon they're going to try and compete with nintendo for the top spot in the handheld market.

Finaly if Gearbox push back the date of Duke Nukem Forever back again I'm not going to be surprised at all. I've noticed the lack of new trailers recently. Maybe they've decided to stop mucking around and start getting serious about their June release. You can be sure that they will have something to show at E3 this year.

Well thats all I've got and again these are all predictions, nothing concrete. however I'm confident that at least some of what I've said will happen. But we wont find out till E3 next week.


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