Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 Kicks off.

So its that time of year again. Gamers around the world have this week marked in their calendar months in advance and for those lucky enough to get in through the front door have had their bags packed for weeks waiting for E3 2011.

Because E3 has just started here's a look at what has happened so far.

Last week I made some predictions and it seems one of them has already come true. I said that Microsoft might bring out another Halo game. Well not only have they done that Microsoft has also announced that Halo 1 is going to be re-released and completely remastered. Complete with Xbox live support, and some minor improvements to its game mechanic like introducing assassinations from Halo Reach. Halo 4 was also announced but its the Halo 1 remake I'm really excited about. Both have trailers out and you can watch them both below.

Mass Effect 3 now has a solid release date. It has had a release date for some time now but it was all up in the air as to a set date. Bioware have now announced a set date for early 2012. Get your pre-orders in now because it looks awesome. You can see the trailer below.

Sony has finally given a name to its psp2 that has been in the works for a while. They are moving away from the word Playstation (Not like PSN had anything to do with it.) and have simply called it the Sony Vita. Vita meaning 'life' in Italian. You can pre-order it now for around $400.

With so many big announces so far I'm looking forward to what is in store for the rest of the week. Tune in next week for part 2 of the E3 news.

Till next week, Peace.

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