Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PSN is online

So two weeks ago I reported that PSN was still down and in its third week of pissing off Sony PS3 users world wide and sending Xbox sales through the roof. Late last week PSN was finally brought back online (what did I tell you "I reckon PSN will be up at the latest by the end of next week.") and PS3 users around the world rejoiced as they updated their consoles and jumped back into their favourite games.

Australia is online though some users may still be having some trouble but keep trying because you will get through. 600,000 PS3 users are trying to log in all at the same time. Not many servers can handle that. Japan however is still down. Not because of Sony. The Japanese government have said that the updated security that Sony has implemented is not at an acceptable standard. Given that Japan is Sony's biggest market I'll bet they take that pretty seriously.

I'm still waiting on my welcome back package.

Comment below and tell me what game do you want as compensation?

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