Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beaterator review.

A few weeks back I said I was working on a Beaterator review. Well your wait is over, here it is.

I've seen many sites give Beaterator poor scores because of its lack of gameplay and storyline. They are completely right, Rockstar made a terrible game. Good thing Beaterator isn't a game. It's sound editing software designed for the PSP. This review isn't a game review its a software review. So no score at the end nor a trailer (I know how much you love them but its for games).

As far as sound editing programs go (To which all the experience I have is Beaterator, Audacity and FL studio) This one is pretty good. it has a few thousand loops preloaded, all of which can be edited to create different sounds. Add to this the ability to import MIDI files and with the use of a Microphone you have a portable recording studio. 

There are two modes to use Beaterator, Live play and studio mode. Live play allows to record beats as you make them in a live setting. Good place to start mucking around and hearing what sounds work well with others. Theres a little animation of Timbaland dancing about and pressing buttons as the music plays. The second mode is studio mode. Studio mode is more serious and looks like any other sound editing software out there. Here you can create, import, edit, and place loops along a time line to create a song.

Once you have finished your creation and you want to show it off to the world you can upload it to the Rockstar social club for others to listen to, download and remix. The only problem is that you have to do all this through your PSP. So if you are no where near a wireless hot spot or worse are one of those hardcore Sony fanboys that bought a PSP the day it came out and haven't upgraded and its getting old and the WLAN switch is broken (like me) there is a solution. Beaterator has an export feature allowing you to export your song as either a WAV or a MIDI file to edit on another program, convert to an MP3 and upload it to the web either via Mediafire or Youtube. This is my favorite feature. It puts everything you need to create and publish your own music in your hands.

The only major limitation to Beaterator I've discovered is that the built in keyboard only has five octaves. I discovered this when I imported a MIDI of Fur Elise by Beethoven. Other than that I've had no problem other than my own knowledge of the program.

Well there you have it. What I think of Beaterator. Finally up here on the interwebs for you all to enjoy.

Till next Wednesday, Peace.

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