Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ok so all my friends are going on about how awesome Minecraft is. They all start servers and play together (from what I hear very rarely is anything built they just fill the map with TNT and crash the server) and want me to play with them. So I jumped on the free alpha and gave it a go. 10 minutes later I go to bed only to discover that 10 hours had passed. I got my hands on the beta and that's what my life has amounted to this past week. I write this not in my usual pants free zone but in a pants on area so please forgive the bad writing. My eyes are completely bloodshot and I'm sleep deprived but hey, I managed to build a grotto and a tree farm!

No I'm not going to write a review on the game until it is finished. By finished I mean in full release and out of beta. Besides there are a million and one websites that have reviewed what game there is. Go there if thats what you want from this weeks post. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the rant.

So as the title suggests MINECRAFT IS EATING MY LIFE!

The last time I spent a solid 10 hour session on a game was during the glorious summer I spent playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the first time. I'm really surprised at how addictive this game is. I've heard people say that they hate the game because and I quote "I've got nothing to do after I build a house so I don't die." Well yes this may be a problem if you lack any imagination. If you however are even at all slightly imaginative you will enjoy the game. I kept finding things to do. First I built a house to keep safe then I built it out a bit then I built an observation room then a panic room then a grotto with waterfall and back lit pool. It doesn't seem like much but this was a week of my life which could be better spent doing ANYTHING else.

I know that a lot of people who are slaves to the education department read my blog, let me give you some advice. If you even remotely care about getting any kind of grade that isn't an F then don't download Minecraft. Unless you have incredible willpower you are guaranteed to fail. Wait until you have a spare year to kill then get it. This isn't to say never download the game, its brilliant in its simplicity and should be commended as a win for indie games. This amazingness is what makes Minecraft so dam addictive.

If I survive till next week, be sure to check back then.


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