Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Borderlands interuption (Warning: Rant below)

Yes I did say that this week I would be posting a review. I was going to talk about Beaterator for the psp. However I have been interupted by Borderlands GOTY Edition. I won it on Saturday (big thanks to Level 3 for the game check them out here) and have not stopped playing it (except to well you know tell all you about it) since. My first thoughts are that it feels like a total conversion mod for Fallout 3 (Review here) but with the exception of an overarching storyline.

My relationship with Borderlands until recently was that I hated it but this may have been because of how I was introduced to the game. I first saw the game way back in 2009 before it was released at the 2K booth of the International Digital Lifestyle Show (or IDEF for short) here in Melbourne. They had Borderlands along with whatever the latest basketball game was at the time. I saw it and thought 'cool cartoon FPS' looked a bit like the xbox game XIII and gave it a go. I had a sniper rifle and a bunch of bandits in the distance. Awesome I'll take some pot shots. I lined up the cross-hairs on a bandits head and fired with the expectation that he would drop. NO! The game tells me I scored a critical hit and he returns fire along with all of his now pissed off mates. I raged so hard. I PUT A BULLET THROUGH YOUR SKULL AND YOU ARE NOT DEAD! WHAT THE FUCK! A brief firefight ensued before I died. I put the controller down, collected my free Borderlands T-shirt (I didn't care that I hated the game, a free shirt is a free shirt) and left. I thought it was Final fantasy FPS style with the whole DPS and critical hit stuff.

About a year later I'm in a net cafe with my mates playing COD 4 when we decided to take a break, eat, crap and update our facebook statuses at 2AM. What an age we live in. I was getting a bit bored of getting my but kicked in COD so I decided not to join the next round and play something else. On the list of available games to play under the RPG folder was Borderlands. Having remembered the last time I played it I decided to give it a second chance. By this time it was a hugely successful game, people were raving about it, talks of new DLC coming out had people excited, everyone was jealous of my Borderlands shirt and it was 2AM. I fired it up. Created a character and started the campaign. Everything was going well. I was killing bandits with my big machine gun and collecting heaps of loot. Once I'm in firestone Claptrap asks me to open up Dr.Zeds door (no I'm not giving anything away all this happens in the first 5 minutes of the game) so getting over the fact that I hate the little cowardly bastard telling me what to do I go to open the door. It must have been the only glitched copy of Borderlands and it happened to be on my computer. The switch did not work. I thought I was in the wrong place (I now know I wasn't) and searched the whole town for the switch. Aside getting heaps of money and ammo I was no better than I was 20 minutes ago. I restated the fact that I hate Borderlands, quit the game and got my but kicked again and again in COD 4 for the rest of the night.

To top it all off about 4 months later my mate lent me a copy on Xbox 360 and told me to try it again. I put it in it loads up to the point where it informs me that Gearbox software helped make the game then freezes. I had to hard reset my xbox. Tried again, loaded again, told me that Gearbox software helped make the game again and froze...again. By now I had the impression that 2K and Gearbox software hated me and just made Borderlands to piss me off.

So as you can imagine I was a little scared when I won a copy of Borderlands GOTY Edition. Not only was there the game there to screw me over but four DLC codes as well to get in on the fun. Still it comes with a download code for the Duke Nukem Forever beta which was really cool. Yes I promise to review the Duke Nukem beta. Right after I kick ass and chew bubblegum.

However it seems that it is fourth time lucky for me. The game works fine I've downloaded all the DLC and I'm really liking the game thus far. Check out next week when I actually review the game.

Till then Peace.

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