Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PSN is down for the count.

Today marks the third week of PSN offline due to a security breach. Sony had stated last week that the Playstation network would be online. Sony is now before the American congress having to explain their actions leading up to this incident.

So far it is estimated that as many as 600,000 Australian PSN accounts (including my own) have been compromised. With passwords, email addresses, full names and even credit card details in some cases have been stolen. Sony has said that when PSN does go back up all PS3 users will have to update their consoles and change their passwords.

Because Sony are doing a complete overhaul of the network I had real doubts that they would have it done in two weeks. I reckon PSN will be up at the latest by the end of next week. There is so much that will need to be done seeing as they want to stat from square one and strengthen it that way. While this is an effective method its going to take time.

Of course we can't forget that when PSN went down it wasn't just gamers that were effected. Users of the Sony service Qriocity (basically Netflix for Sony TV's) have also potentially has their accounts compromised also. But this is a gaming site so lets focus.

Comment below and tell me what game you miss playing online with your mates?

Till next week, Peace.

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