Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I think of Red Dead Redemption

You see I started playing Red Dead at the same time as everyone else but because I'd borrowed it off of a mate I had to stop right before I could start the Mexico missions. I have now procured a copy and have picked up were I left off. Where everyone thinks it goes downhill.

Red Dead Redemption is made by Rockstar and is the spiritual prequel to Grand Theft Auto. The game follows a standard Rockstar plot with cowboys and Indians thrown in. You are ex gang member John Marston who is trying to start a new life, your past catches up with you when the government takes your family hostage and you are sent on a quest to kill all of your old gang pals. Sound familiar?

As much as people hate on the gameplay I don't mind it. Yeah it feeds you everything but that just means that you can focus on the plot a bit more. It is basically the time proven gameplay that has appeared in Rockstars most popular titles like Grand theft Auto 4 and Bully. Missions are broken up into strands and they mostly consist of go here and kill/steal that. Never gave the multiplayer a go but from what I've seen it's not all to different to the multiplayer in GTA4 but replace cars and cities with horses and open plains.

Like Fallout 3 (yeah yeah I mentioned it again but it's such a good reference) each string of missions are a story in themselves that sort of relate to the plot but in reality John Marston would have just beat it out of the people that give the mission and the whole game would be over in an hour. My good friend over at Level 3 sums up Red Dead quite simply when he said "I get it but I don't like it." What I thought was the main story (Doing the governments dirty work to save your family) turns out to be just part of it. The game splits itself into two parts and for the sake of spoilers I wont mention when this happens but it is pretty obvious when you play the game. Its worth sticking through till the end because the final mission is very fitting (Although I did think it a bit silly that it was a stranger mission) if you're going for 100% completion then it is a must anyway. The story is really good in the first part and as much as I'm hating on the second part I don't mind it to much. It tells you the story of what happens after what I'll call the 'main story' is completed. The final mission that I mentioned earlier while leaving the game open for a sequel still ties up all the loose ends of the current game. Something Modern Warfare 2 failed to do.

The side challenges are worth doing even if you don't care about getting 100% completion. The outfit challenges are worth putting in the play hours not just to play dress up with John Marston but also allow you do do certain things in game like cheat in poker or not get caught by the police. While there are some that are just there to play dress up like the duster outfit or the Mexican poncho.

The soundtrack is exactly what I expected. The soundtrack to any Clint Eastwood movie during his hey day. However at certain major events throughout the game a more modern song will play which sets the mood for what you're seeing and it does it well. Rockstar really nailed the soundtrack for the game.

If you like cowboy movies and have enjoyed previous games the Rockstar series like Grand Theft Auto then you'll enjoy Red Dead redemption.

9 out of 10


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