Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The weather

"Ah what a wonderful day, the birds are cowering in their nests, and its hailing. Yup, IT MUST BE SUMMER" As quoted by my good friend Epic Beard Guy on his blog which you can find here. So as promised yesterday here I am talking about the weather.

I suppose in many cities across the world the weather would be quite boring. But you see here in Melbourne it is a real and ever-present challenge. Across the country summer has finally hit and with it is the expected heat. In Melbourne summer is welcomed with some heat followed by hail. It is a common phrase in my fair city "Melbourne - four seasons in one day" and one that is rightfully so.

To my local readers this comes as no surprise. Many of you live here or have moved away for that reason. But to my international readers here are some things that you may find handy next time you find yourself in the cultural capital of Australia.  you may notice that on a scorching hot day people with umbrellas walking about or in their cars. This is because at any moment the heavens will open and it will pour like the middle of winter. Which may seem odd given that Melbourne is in the middle of a drought but you never know when it will rain. and when it rains, it pours. I think this year one person was killed and millions of dollars in property damage was caused from one particularly nasty storm this year.

On the flip side though the heat can get really bad as well. It can be like the middle of the desert it is so dry and hot or the Amazon jungle it's so humid. Victoria has some beautiful rain forest but when it gets hot enough it can blaze like the center of hell. It was a few months before the bad storm that the Black Saturday bush fires hit resulting in the deaths of around 200 people and the destruction of many towns.

Well there you go I have talked about the weather. I am now out of things to say. That does not mean that I'm abandoning the blog. But I think I may make it a weekly one and not a daily one. Again please comment below if you have things you want me to rant about.

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