Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Christmas haul.

So that time of the year has come and gone again. Christmas. What a wonderful time of year, even more so if you have an mp3 player. I say this because while I do enjoy Christmas songs. When your uncle has only 12 of them on repeat blaring through some top quality speakers that "make sure you are really hearing the song" it can drive you up the wall.

But enough of that lets get down to some capitalism. Of course for our christian (and some very liberal Jewish) friends Christmas is the time of year when we are to come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and all the goodness that came of that. But for the rest of us its just another day to try and break even on the value of gifts sent to gifts received. So as the title suggests here is some of the stuff I got for christmas and a small tale of afterward.

  • Sennheiser HD218i headphones (very top quality when you've had to endure the torment of ipod headphones for a very long time)
  • A $50 AUD giftcard to Dick Smith Electronics
  • A $50 AUD Visa giftcard (Which funnily enough in the many places that Visa is accepted Dick Smith Electronics is not one of them)
Now for the little tale. So on Monday I went shopping so that I might take advantage of the post-Christmas sales (there's that capitalism rearing its head again!) and use my giftcards. There were a pair of headphones that my sister really wanted at Dick Smith. She had a Visa giftcard and when she presented it to purchase the headphones the guy over the counter told her that they don't take Visa. So the morale of that story is Dick Smith don't take Visa. I however with my Dick Smith giftcard walked away with a shiny new MP3 player. I felt bad for my sister and if I'd had known what was happening at the time I would have swapped her my giftcard for for hers. It would have been win win, She gets the headphones and I get $100 AUD in giftcards wherever Visa is accepted. Now I REALLY feel bad for her.However not all is lost for my sister. My Mother has agreed to exchange the giftcard for real money so those headphones will be hers.

But enough about my sister and back to me. On top of the MP3 player I also got a copy of Mass Effect 2 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. The latter of the two I picked up for $9 AUD! A complete steal!

Well that's my wrap up of Christmas. Next up its new years.Till next week my loyal readers Happy new Year and Peace out!

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