Friday, December 3, 2010

Predators rant

I have just watched Predators and I thought it was really good until the last 2 minutes of the film. The whole Idea of the film was really good and all the characters were believable. Fantastic casting and a brilliant plot twist but what was the bloody point? If you have not seen the film, don't bother.

I don't know any more. It seems that these days Hollywood has forgotten how to end a film. I know that they want to leave films open for sequels and I really wouldn't mind if they actually made them! So what you end up with is a half-arsed movie with no ending. That really annoys me.

I think Avatar is the only film this year that was actually any good because it had an ending and is still open for a sequel. Since when did movie stop being art and start being sources of revenue? I really hope movie piracy changes this. Because the movie company's will have less money they'll be forced to make films with less special effects and better narratives.

Look Predators ticks all the boxes for me as a good film. Not one that will be remembered in history as a classic. But good enough that you can watch it and not ask for your money back. All it needed is an ending, But if that's all I can complain about the film it can't be that bad. Don't watch it at the cinema because it's not worth the money. But as something to rent from your local video shop it is absolutely worth a look.

Again no more posts over the weekend. You will all have to find something else to entertain your selves for the next 48 hours.

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