Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GTA V Announced

Rockstar Games posted this on their website yesterday. It shows that Rockstar are developing a new Grand Theft Auto title which is speculated to be released either early to mid next year.On the bottom of the page it says that there will be a trailer posted next week. I really hope its a sequel to San Andreas and not GTA IV. Looking at the logo for five I'd say its entirely possible.

Tune in Next week to watch the trailer. In the mean tome which Grand Theft Auto title do you want to see a sequel of.

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UPDATE: Here it is

^My reaction as soon as I saw the Vinewood sign^
Not a good move at 7:00AM when your sister is trying to sleep. But still YAY :D

Oh man I've been waiting for this for years. GTA San Andreas is my favourite GTA game in the series and is 2nd after Wolfenstien 3D in my top 3 games I'd like to be stuck on a desert island with. While the trailer shows a character that has nothing to do with CJ and the Grove St boys and seems to go more along the lines of Californication I'm not complaining. Californication is an awesome show. David Duchovny *drool*

No release date but I am so pre-ordering the collectors edition of this. Even if I have to pimp myself to do it.

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